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The Imagination House is a creative production company which began in 1996 and is based out of Orlando, Florida.  We have become a global leader designing and creating with almost every major entertainment brand. We can be seen or heard on nearly every continent in the world. With humble beginnings, in one small room of a house, we have never forgotten the importance of the personal relationships we have with our clients; and this guides our sincere commitment to work closely with you to make your vision happen.


Intelectual Property & Brands

We create complete projects partnering with household names like Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon, and countless others, creating and dazzling audiences around the globe. We have a unique understanding of how to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of your brand and how important that is to the creative process. Philosophically understanding who you are, and how you communicate with your audience, is the foundation we use to create for you. Simply speaking, we measure our success based on 'being invisible'....your clients should be amazed at the work you've done, and it should look, feel and sound, like you've created it personally for your audience.

Video Projection & Digital Mapping

As the industry turned to this amazing new technology, we are thrilled to partner and create with not just the industry leaders, but this industry's technical leaders. This new art form is in its infancy, and we are thrilled to play such an integral role in its development. What this technology will do to entertainment in all forms will truly recreate almost everything we'll see in the very near future!‎

Original Content Creation

Our Art department is filled with a kaleidoscope of visually stunning work. Their services range from logos, design, video editing, green screen, and countless others while using an array of technical wizardry to create our visual magic. Combining "in house" talent with a global outreach of visual artists provides our clients with a consistently fresh approach to all of our work. We’ve even chosen to decorate the entire 5,000 square feet of office space with the fruits of their labor.

Theatrical Production & Installation

Our show production staff and producers spend a large portion of their time traveling the world installing amazing shows for audiences both on land and at sea. To accomplish amazing feats of wonder requires incredible patience, skill, flexibility, and creativity. As leaders in the cruise industry, our company is consistently challenged to not only produce incredible entertainment that no one has ever seen, but to accomplish it on a floating city!‎

Music Composition, Arranging & Producing

We compose, arrange, produce and create music in every style, and in every format. Our partnerships with musical artists throughout the industry keeps our music consistently fresh and new and is executed by a brilliant group of "in-house" producers, arrangers, composers, and engineers. We maintain contracts and agreements with orchestras in the US and abroad, and our music plays in multiple languages and countries. As one of our clients likes to say, “The sun never sets on The Imagination House’s Music.”

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