Javier Rejon

Javier’s first graphic design expressions were made at the age of 2 on his bedroom walls, three oddly shaped stick figures and what seemed to be a very overweight dog were carefully drawn at the bottom of the door-frame. To him it was one of the greatest art accomplishments he had ever seen anyone do. When his mother saw them he got the beating of his life. He was instantly hooked… his art had just created a plethora of different emotions in a spilt second! He knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Around this time his father was transfered to Venezuela, where Javier attended elementary school and learned to speak fluent Spanish. After graduating from high school he decided to come back to America to pursue his long-awaited dream. He obtained two degrees from Full Sail in Orlando, FL. The first one in Film and Video Production and the second one in Digital Media, receiving a Valedictorian award in this last one as well as three Course Director’s Awards in Web Design, Digital Media Assembly and Computer Graphics.

After graduation Javier found a job as graphic designer at EFX Corp located in the Universal Studios Back Lot where he got the chance to not only draw on the walls “beatings-free” but to take part on great projects for a wide variety of exciting clients such as: Animal Planet, Warner Channel, Disney Cruise Line, Island of Adventures, Quizno’s, Siemens, Hilton Grand Vacations, Procter and Gamble among many others.

After more than 10 years of experience in the indsutry, Javier came to The Imagination House as an Art Director, carrying an invaluable knowledge in the Graphic Arts, Web Design and Animation.