Brand Storytelling Strategy Consulting

Understanding who you are, and how you communicate with your audience, is the foundation we use to create for you. We have a unique understanding of how to maintain the integrity of your brand and how important it is to the creative process. We’ve partnered with global media and entertainment leaders like Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks and countless others, to bring their storytelling to life around the globe. Let us tell your story.

Video Projection & Digital Mapping

There is a special magic in taking fixed objects and making them come to life with light, color, movement and video. These are the wow (WOW) moments our clients have come to expect from us. Our video production team is highly skilled in using this amazing and breathtaking technology to bring our client’s most ambitious creative visions to life.

Intellectual Properties & Brands

We create complete projects partnering with household names like Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon, and countless others, creating and dazzling audiences around the globe. We have a unique understanding of how to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of your brand and how important that is to the creative process. Philosophically understanding who you are, and how you communicate with your audience, is the foundation we use to create for you. Simply speaking, we measure our success based on “being invisible”. Your clients should be amazed at the work you’ve done, and it should look, feel and sound, like you’ve created it personally for your audience.

Music Composition, Arranging & Producing

We compose, arrange, produce and create music in every style, and in every format. Our partnerships with musical artists throughout the industry keeps our music consistently fresh and new and is executed by a brilliant group of “in-house” producers, arrangers, composers, and engineers. We maintain contracts and agreements with orchestras in the US and abroad, and our music plays in multiple languages and countries. As one of our clients likes to say, “The sun never sets on The Imagination House’s Music.”

Graphic Design & Animation

From 3d animation, virtual and augmented reality, to logo design and brand packaging, our team of designers create impactful, original designs. Our clients rely on us to visually tell the stories of their most valued IPs and projects.

Original Content Creation & IP Development

We deliver high quality content creation services, from concept development to seamless execution. All turn-key creative needs are managed and curated by our in-house team. We have a long,successful history of working on original children’s and family content with multiple global brand leaders.

Theatrical Production & Installation

We love live theatre and it shows. The Imagination House is consistently challenged to not only produce incredible,original content for productions worldwide, but also to re-imagine theatre with new concepts music, audio, video production, lighting, choreography, sets and costumes. We provide the moments that bring audiences around the globe to their feet.

Our Partners

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