Joyce Arbucias

Raised in the Orlando area, Joyce has spent the last 30 years focused on the entertainment industry. Her experience and training range from live theatre to television, and includes a well-balanced mix of creative design, performing, directing, and producing. Her career began early in broadcast media, including 2 years as both an “on camera” talent and assistant producer. After years of theatrical, theme park, and media experience, Joyce moved behind the scenes and into production.

As co-founder of the Imagination House, Joyce’s role includes overseeing creative teams, development of new shows and creative projects, art and video direction, corporate identity projects, creative workshops, and presentation services.

Acting as a brand consultant, Joyce has overseen creative, entertainment, and merchandise endeavors for many national corporations and entertainment companies, including brand logo design, original characters, and branded merchandise.

In addition to leading several creative teams, working on live shows, and media development, Joyce has spent the last 20 years closely researching corporate branding models and identity workshops. She has customized the technique using creative entertainment specialists to design a unique process of corporate identification and future business planning.

Her most recent endeavors are a string of hugely successful live show productions and video installations. Combine inspiration, vision, creativity, approachability, resourcefulness, and a profound sixth sense of what any team needs- add balanced budgets and timelines- and you just begin to touch the potential Joyce brings to a project.

Joyce currently sits on the board of Zebra Coalition, and serves as the president of the board of directors for the Orlando International Fringe Festival.